Ailleurs - papier mâché, plaster, resin, acrylic - 1,20 m - 2005



This piece in the series "perilously Yours" is a little girl whose face is hidden behind a pink balloon. The original statue is a Holy, hence the smug air (it has emerged Our Lady of La Salette). Out of context, Elsewhere, is in another world. A world that reflects a certain innocence, that of childhood, but at the turn of the ball pink lets us show a good face pensive, nostalgic air already ...

un jour je serai rose

One day I will be pink - Baloon in resin, painted metallic cord, h 80cm - 2005



That escapes me - installation of a bloon in resin and a photo plywood - 2005



Dangerously yours - installation, G.M galerie, Montpellier - 2005


It is the madness - profil sculpture in resin covered with confettis, h:1,68m - 2005