Aire - installation at Gallery "4 Barbier", Nîmes (France), on an invitation by Esca - 2009

Aire is a response to the speed of the forgetful nature of life. This idea of happiness that I build myself: an islet, the sea, the sun, the sand, I float free from all concerns, the levitation personified. In this area the time has stopped, the air has solidified the garlands, stiffened the towel, stopped the balloon in his rise and the crazy race of the kite. "A step a side" from the seascape projected in a video loop ( with a sea continually repeated).

"Everything is there. In this very immobility, made palpable, waiting in an area where there is nothing to wait for, where utopia is out of place or postponed, like in a egg. " "This snapshot is an invitation to the quiet pleasure of being, the self-cultivation, resistance to "mécroissance"(stunted growth). Wher do we stop? Be brave , let's freeze!

Extract from the text of René Cadou for the magazine Papiers Libres (N°. 57)

No man is an island - Hillock of standing sand of a flag cloud, h: 1,72m - Galerie Esca - 2009


Good wind - kite impression(printing) compass- exhibition Aire on an invitation of Roger Bouvet from the gallery Esca - 2009