Ape a Monk - installation of a Saint Jude statute in front of a stained glass tv monitor - 2008

Singer monk. In monkey: monkey, there monk: monk. Pun in search of nicks roots. He was a monk, or more precisely a Holy Saint Jude, patron of hopeless cases. He sets his club a television, or more precisely a television made stained glass, lit by "snow". He seeks the path of salvation? Mesmerized by this screen, his club did not use any more, no indignation, as if petrified by the light and color, absorbed by an image without substance. Would it not aped?

st jude

Installation with the video "tlost you the bet", Eglise Sainte Anne de Montpellier, 2007

tv vitrail

Big brother is watching you - Télé, support tv, stained glass painting, electric current - installation Eglise sainte Anne de Montpellier 2007