Eggoal project - Mister C putting one egg realised by a three dimension printer in dry compartiment of the machine -

Extract of the video Eggoal or the Eggs-Making-Machine, 3'30 - Elisa Fantozzi - 2010


Eggoal is a project to study and research on the production / reproduction / transformation of egg processing through the hen, the artist the science and the technology.To compare its mass production with its symbols and its myths. To imagine the transformation and then create it.

"The egg fragile and mysterious has always been a strong symbol of condensed representation, it seems to escape to all definitions, but it is one of myths and contains several stories from Asia and the West: easter egg, egg primordial, egg originel , cosmogonic egg ... The egg refleting all background and all begining describing the passage of the one to many, from chaos to order, the non-existence of life, the return of the informal, the embryonic , the "matrix" of things. And the cycle of birth and rebirth continues ... It is found today in all its states, the world consumes the egg into a sausage foarm, dried, frozen, dough... ... Battery, hen food, breveted life ... when machines are patented to make eggs?

My work in this project wants to be poetic and political, to confront and / or examine these different aspects. " For the project I made 8 eggs with a 3D color printer. After modeling an egg and adjusting the colors: yellow, white and eggshell, "the egg-making- machine" can begin its work. In a white powder the machine prints with a jet of colored catalyser the form, which gradually develops itself until it becomes an egg. Eggoal or the egg-making-machine is meant to question our relationship with nature, ours beliefs, the essence of life, by drawing a parallel between the world of production and the world of consumption, the technology and human being, the biological and the technically modified, from our conditioning to our real needs.

Eggoal ou la machine à faire des oeufs from élisa fantozzi on Vimeo.

 Eggoal or the Eggs-Making-Machine.

Video presented at the CRAC, Contemporary Art Center in Sète. March 2010