Evasion - Letters in polystyrene covered with sand - height : 1,70 m ; width : 1m (by letter) - 2008

Produced with the concourse of Région Languedoc Roussillon

If we were a grain of sand, what prison could lock us? In a cave protected by sand bars, at Fontenay-le-Comte, for the exhibition "Vamos a la playa", I imagined the word escape"EVASION". It was covered by sand, referring to the escape of holidaymakers on the beach in summer, but also that of a prisoner dreaming of being a grain of sand slipping through the smallest gaps in his prison. The letters a little worn recall the remains of the city disappear with time. Analogous to the hourglass and the passage of time. EVASION following the sandy rock dedicated to erosion, also speaks of freedom.