FOR EXTERIEUR - Exhibition at the Faculty of Education of Montpellier, following my residency at the Primary Florian school of Montpellier in partnership with the MO.CO Panacée - Spring 2022

for exterieur 2022

I made a sculpture of a brain which I then molded to make plaster prints. I offered this brain in my workshops at the Florian school and asked the children what it makes them think of.

In a 9-minute video testimony, everyone saw very different things: the shell of a turtle, a flower, a stone, a whale, a sun, it allows us to move our bodies. A TV,

play as much as I want, a waterfall ball, to think, to talk, to move your head, a big stone, a cabin, a slide, candy, to breathe, words, little snakes that started in a ball,

with earthworms all over the place, a road, we put everything in it, an egg, a mushroom, a beach ball, buttocks, a ladybug, a coconut, a spider web, the moon , a bubble,

a world, cotton candy, a white sheet, a sheep, pasta, a snail, a hedgehog, a fruit tree, popcorn, a maze, a path, a circuit, to think about, to to have ideas, to think,

about Ss of 5s and 1s, a broccoli, an unflattened pebble, a lamppost, a mango, an undercooked cake left in the fridge for a thousand years, a tongue, a dog's face,

a chouquette, a salad, a piece of land, eels, a cabbage, part of the logo of the metropolis, a hat, lots of pipes that got mixed up, eels on a large piece of land,

earthworms, eyes, ears , the nose, the neck, the legs...snakes, a computer to learn, to the head of a statue which fell and broke

for exterieur 2022

Installation à la Fac d'Education de Montpellier - 2022 -FOR EXTERIEUR: cast of children's hands in plaster, sleeves....crumpled designs, coat racks.


for exterieur 2022

vidéo 3": children's hands drawing on a plaster brain .............sculpture: plaster brain, colored pencils


for exterieur 2022

Self-portrait of a child in a mirror... ..... "a mirror can't die". Matéo 6 years old


for exterieur 2022

Self-portrait of a child in a mirror


for exterieur 2022

Together: sleeves (sheet, fleece), cast of children's hands in plaster, acrylic paint, 2022


ensemble detail



for exterieur 2022 for exterieur 2022



for exterieur 2022


enfants pinceaux


enfants pinceaux


3-year-old children sometimes have difficulty distinguishing colors, shades of colors, etc.

They also wonder in front of a mirror when I ask them to draw or paint their portrait on it,

they confuse the reflection of their image with their own head and the first gesture is to bring the marker or brush towards their face,

rather than on the mirror, as if to transform themselves into a painting in the mirror,

or without distinguishing between the image reflected from them on the mirror surface, and themselves.


for exterieur 2022

J'ai laissé mes tirages de cerveaux en platre en patûres aux enfants de 4 à 6 ans, avec de la pâte et des feutres - 2022



vidéo: Les enfants et le cerveau, 10mn