Enter in matter - installation of serrated painted wooden Pégaze and of a pony on bullets in resins - 2006

This piece is also part of the exhibition "perilously Yours". This is an old pony rocker that I found in bulky. Remembering one of my childhood, I have recovered the statue with resin and place it under a dozen balloons forming a colored cloud. It flies like a pegasus. In his ears a little indication, date, countdown, nine months before my birth: introduction( enter in matter), such a quest in our unconscious.



bull's eyes

Bull's Eye - various materials - 2006

Check it right on target! The play is part of the installation "perilously Yours", submitted to GM gallery in 2006 in Montpellier. Firstly there is the lascivious body folded up the hair of a long conical hat giving off a few filaments (from a fried egg), and between her breasts and thighs a large ball in above which a friendly dwarf clown juggling eggs. Delirium clownish figures tragicomic circus that put at risk in the body and the cosmos, directly from our complicity, to be more or less dedicated to the precarious existence.