Rest - molding of myself in plaster band, resin, polyurethane foam, acrylic - humain size - 2007

Exhibition: Private garden / Public garden - Aldébaran - Castries - 2013- Produced with the support of the 'Hérault Departure


Rest is a self-portrait which I install almost everywhere: on the box tree cut French-style, in a garden (castle of O, Montpellier), upright on a wall (Squared Holy Anne, Montpellier), on the ground on the floor (Brussels show - off) … I always sleep, in almost foetal position, nothing wakes me. One moment of stop as an answer to the course of time, to the world which runs out. One escaped: the dream - A freedom: the weightlessness.


Pierre de Luxembourg Museum with the painting of Enguerrand Quarton "Le couronnement de la vierge", Villeneuve lès Avignon - 2013

sainte anne

On the wall in the church "Sainte Anne" in Montpellier - 2007


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