Involvement and in space of the exhibition VOLUME% of Elisa Fantozzi at the Chapelle du Quartier Haut of Sète,
Nov./Dec. 2013.
With Ananda Montange (danse, chant), Maxime Dupuis (cello, chant), Tom Gareil (vibraphone, chant), Damien Fadat (flûte, chant).
Under the caméra of Agnes Rosse and the régie of Hervé Villchenoux.
Thanks to the town of Sète.

  Eggoal or the egg-making-machine is a project to study and research on the production/transformation/reproduction of egg processing throught the hen, the artist, the science and the technologie.To compare is mass production with its symbols and its myths. To imagine the transformation and then create it.
This work was presented at the CRAC in Sète and at the Chartreuse de Villeneuve -lez-Avignon.It was supported by the Editions Strobo and the DRAC LR.



Eggoal or the Eggs-Making-Machine.

Video presented at the CRAC, Contemporary Art Center in Sète. March 2010


Installation at Galerie ETC in Montpellier (France) in 2007, in the scope of the "Give a Monkey a Brain" exhibition by Guillaume Abdi. Bing Boung, bowl with motor and statute of Lili in resine.


Walk, on March the 16th, 2006, in Montpellier (France)


Lili se Jette à l'Eau, residency at Théâtre du Périscope in Nîmes (France) in 2006, on the theme of water. One month of diary actions in the Nord Gambetta area of Nîmes.


Emerge Emergency, theater-perform wrote and directed by Elisa "lili" Fantozzi at Théâtre du Périscope in Nîmes (France), 2005


France Info test-perform, 2005


TV news on an art piece stole during the "Ca va déménager Lili Fantozzi" exhibition, in Narbonne (France) in 2003