VOLUME% - Exhibition, Chapelle du quartier Haut, Sète (FR), 2013/2014 - Pictures Paul-Marie Grangeon

VOLUME % allows to see again (to revise) the codes of the openning and gives in representation the hanging of the exhibition. It is to give to see what is usually stays in the secret. The public finds himself immersed in an instant by the inauguration and the discovery of the installation in direct. VOLUME % is also a game (set,play) of equivalence in the space of the movement, of the sound, of the body, the objects, and the emptyness. I worked my sculptures in a idea of interactivity and invited for this project the trio Space out, Time(Weather), Material(Subject) compound(made up) of Maxime Dupuis (cellist, performeur), Tom Gareil (vibraphone player, percussionist), Damien Fadat (flute, and traverse flute) and Ananda Montange (dancer and choreographer).


VOLUME% - installation, Chapelle du quartier Haut, Sète - 2013 - Pictures Paul-Marie Grangeon


Respiration: assemblage of two resin sculptures, from a molding of my own person and a sculpture of a christ, acrylic painting, hight, 190m, -large: 1,50m - 2001

Archi-Rainbow: resin sculpture, epoxy paint, rainbow in three parts, 2011

Baloon - sculpture in resin


Screenshot of the video of the hanging / varnishing


Video below

Involvement and in space of the exhibition VOLUME% of Elisa Fantozzi at the Chapelle du Quartier Haut of Sète,
With Ananda Montange (danse, chant), Maxime Dupuis (cello, chant), Tom Gareil (vibraphone, chant), Damien Fadat (flûte, chant).
Under the caméra of Agnes Rosse and the régie of Hervé Villchenoux.
Thanks to the town of Sète.


Plasticity: Brain foam sculpture, wadding and lycra, 2013

The nap, (on the wall) resin sculpture of a selfportrait, 2007


The world upside down : resin sculpture of a selfportrait, 2005 - Grow your coconut tree: dracaena (tree), sculpture in resin, 2013


Aire - sculpture in resin, selfportrait, 2008